Problems with your aquarium? We have the solutions!

Especially in the early days of a freshly set-up aquarium, the so-called cycling phase, it is quite common that the aquarium owner will have to face problems with emerging algae. Even after the cycling phase, algae may develop as a result of changes or imbalances in the environment of an aquarium. It can also happen, that due to some unlucky circumstances, parasites may end up in the aquarium, endangering foremost the other animal inhabitants.

What to do in the event of algae? Our article Algae in the aquarium offers many helpful tips and tricks to identify and fight algae problems. It is vital to not just fight the symptoms, but the cause! Often it's simply a lack of algae eaters, which we cover in more detail in our article Algae eaters in the aquarium. If the algic infestation is getting out of hand, sometimes more drastic measures to control and eradicte algae may be necessary and sensible. In our online shop you can purchase various products for algae reduction and algae prevention, which you will need if you have chosen to execute one of the countermeasures presented in our Aquascaping Wiki.

Parasites can be a nuisance in aquaristics as well. Planarians, firefly larvae, snail leeches and hydra are surely the most infamous unwanted aquarium inhabitants. We have collected appropriate countermeasures and means to identify those little pests in a proper article , which will surely help you out. Our shop will furthermore supply you with everything needed to get this plague under control.