The Fluval aquarium has been an essential part of the aquarium hobby since 1975. Since the market introduction of the first external filter in the year 1982 the technical innovations were driven by the passion for aquaristics to craft long living, creative and advanced technic for aquariums with easy access and easy handling alike.

The commitment as well as the heart and soul of the developers at Fluval is drastically visible due to the sophisticated construction of the filtersystems, the modern LED luminaires and the optically very attractive aquarium systems. The via Bluetooth controllable Fluval Flex 123 l with its curvy lines or the Venezia corner aquarium in particular show impressively how the aquascape can be integrated in every living situation. The magnificent Vicenza combinations with innovative lightning control leave room for creativity and can be matched to any room thanks to the diverse wood panelling.
Especially the all-in-one nano aquariums Fluval Flex and Edge have enjoyed increasing popularity since their market introduction due to their small footprint, modern look and easy maintenance. Just as brilliant as innovative are the SPEC aquariums, which are particularly low-maintenance and environmentally friendly with modern 3-chamber stage filtration and 12V low-voltage technology. Fluval's always up-to-date internal and external filters with the leader head of technical feasibility, the 07 filters, convince with innovative ideas such as, E-tec, very smooth-running rotors and extremely robust mechanical parts, the easiest maintenance and highest energy efficiency.
With the Fluval lighting solutions, even demanding aquarium inhabitants, be it fauna or flora, are provided with sufficient light. The Bluetooth-equipped, app-controllable Aquasky 2.0 and Plant 3.0 lamps offer all the options of professional aquarium lighting for the home. With the Nano C.O.B., nano scapes also have the option of professional lighting.

Fluval not only stands for professional aquaristic equipment around the beloved hobby, but is also committed to the preservation and protection of the environment. Through coral conservation projects and species protection programmes, beginners and professionals are inspired to incorporate the idea of sustainability into the creative implementation of the aquarium.