Dennerle - Aquaria, Nano Cubes and Scaper's Tanks

With the Nano Cubes, Dennerle has ushered in a new era in nano aquaristics. Since the brand launched the shapely cube aquariums they have been very popular, especially among keepers of dwarf shrimps and other small freshwater and marine invertebrates. The Cubes are made of high-quality float glass and have a panoramic front with rounded edges, so there are no visually disturbing silicone seams. Different sizes from, mini aquarium with 10 l to large project tanks with 60 l, offer enough choice for the new aquarium project.

In the aquascaping sector, the Scaper's Tanks from Dennerle have established themselves excellently and enjoy great popularity. With their special dimensions, these aquariums offer sufficient depth and space for scaping. Just like the Nano Cubes, the Scaper's Tanks impress with their rounded corners of the front glass. The Dennerle portfolio also offers selected variants of the popular aquarium types made of white glass.