JBL - feeding

The feeding of our beloved fish, shrimp, crabs and snails is a real matter of the heart for us aquarists. JBL offers various lines of high quality food for different needs. In addition to the rich premium food line, the Novo range offers a sensibly composed staple food for all types of aquarium inhabitants in flake and granulate form or as a food tablet. The special natural food PlanktonPur consists of 100% pure, natural plankton and impresses with its high nutritional value.
Live food for large and small fish and especially for the rearing of young fish can be easily grown at home in the form of freshly hatched Artemia nauplii with JBL Artemio products. To improve the health of your aquarium animals, you can give them special vitamins in the form of JBL Atvitol. These can strengthen and support the immune system, reducing the likelihood of disease.
Useful food accessories such as food clamps or food rings complete the JBL program.