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Food for your shrimp

In this shop category you can buy high-quality shrimp food that provides your little crawlers with all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements they need for a healthy and long life, great colors and successful reproduction. You can look up the composition of high-quality shrimp food in our Wiki article Feeding shrimp properly.

Here at Aquasabi's online shop you will find a wide range of different food for your aquarium's dwarf shrimp: Mineral food for a good shell structure, protein food to cover the protein requirements of the small crawlers, balanced staple food for your dwarf shrimp, color food to support an intensive coloring and also dust food as a breeding food for the youngest, which distributes itself well in the aquarium and is available to even the smallest baby shrimp that are not so mobile, yet.

You can buy the popular GlasGarten brand foods like Shrimp Dinner Pads and Granules as staple food, Shrimp Baby Dust Food and also the popular Shrimp Snacks - as well as the carefully compiled Shrimp King series from Dennerle. We also offer shrimp food from Shirakura: Chi Ebi rearing feed: Ebi Dama and Ebi Dama Special.

To keep your shrimps from dirtying the aquarium with food crumbs, you'll also find shrimp feeding accessories here: shapely feeding dishes made of clear glass, feeding tubes for the exact placement of food pearls and food pads, as well as the Glass Feeder and Food Glass from ADA. You can read about the advantages and the exact handling of food bowls in the aquarium in our article Feed tray for shrimp in an aquarium in our Aquascaping Wiki.