In order to make sure everything you have ordered reaches you in top condition, we take the utmost care. In the following you will find an overview of how we package the two most fragile goods in our product range - aquatic plants and glassware.

Aquatic plants

Depending on the way the plants were cultivated we choose different packages when shipping. Whereas mosses are usually sold as pads or in small containers, other plants are sold in a pot or as bundle.

We offer the following packages:

  • Cup
    e.g. free-floating plants
  • Pad
    e.g. mosses
  • Pot
    e.g. plants for the middle ground
  • In vitro
    basically all aquatic plants
  • Bundle
    e.g. grasslike background plants
  • Portion
    e.g. stem plants

All of our packages are designed to keep the plant inside safe from harm and from drying out.

We also offer some aquatic plants in forms of in vitro cups. These are of the highest quality and have been cultivated in a lab under sterile conditions. These plants are free from germs, pests and algae and are transported in a long-lasting nutritious substrate.

During the colder time of the year, we safeguard our waterplants additionally against the cold by packing all aquatic plants in styrofoam boxes equipped with heat packs.

Glass and breakables

We all love it - the Lily Pipe. However, there are other things in our product range that are just as breakable, like CO2 drop checkers and many other glassware articles. If you order heavy packs of soil together with glassware, we face an especially challenging packaging situation.

In order to make sure that all these items reach you safely and soundly, we pack all goods with the utmost care. Depending on size, form, amount and weight we take the following precautions to protect fragile goods:

  • Air cushions for stabilisation and to separate the articles
  • Smaller goods are secured in sturdy cardboard rolls or plastic cups
  • We seal the parcel with a packaging tape of a striking colour that says "Caution! Glass"
  • If necessary, we put the glassware into an extra cardboard box inside your parcel
  • Large, fragile items will be padded with Flo-Pak Green for maximum safety