CO2 Reactors, diffusers and other CO2-feeding devices for your aquarium

There are many different ways of introducing CO2 for carbon fertilizing purposes into a plant aquarium or aquascape. At Aquasabi, we rely primarily on so-called diffusers, as these can dissolve a maximum amount of gas in the aquarium water and are therefore particularly efficient. Up to 98% of the CO2 gas flowing through is atomized into fine microbubbles by being pressed through a fine-pored ceramic membrane. Diffusers therefore have great advantages over flippers or paffrath bowls. However, a corresponding working pressure is vital. CO2 diffusers are therefore particularly suitable for reusable CO2 systems. Bio CO2 systems, for example, do not always offer such a high and constant pressure. But for this, we have a suitable solution in our shop, too: the Neo Air diffusers from Aquario. Even at low pressures, these diffusers will atomize the gas into fine bubbles and are therefore ideally suited for use with a Bio CO2 system in an aquarium.

Diffusers can be bought from our shop made of either glass, plastic or stainless steel. CO2 Additives and other accessories such as bubble counters made of glass are very popular in aquascaping due to their transparent design. The stainless steel models are a little more eye-catching, but also very robust and less susceptible to algae growth, so there is less cleaning effort. Diffusers made of plastic or acrylic glass offer a good alternative for the price-conscious aquarist or beginner.

Completely invisible CO2 technology can be realized with so-called inline diffusers or inline atomizers. The dispenser can be integrated into the hose line of the external filter and thus disappears imperceptibly into the base cabinet.

When buying a CO2 diffuser you should choose a model that fits the size of your aquarium. We offer a wide range of diffusers suitable for all aquarium sizes. A size specification is always noted in the item description in our shop.

We carry CO2 diffusers from many well-known manufacturers in the aquarium industry, such as ADA, JBL, Tropica and Cal Aqua Labs - and also offer our own high-quality processed glass diffusers in various price ranges from our brands Aquasabi and Aqua Rebell.