JBL - aquaristics products

JBL is a renowned and traditional German company with its headquarters in Neuhofen near Ludwigshafen. The company was founded in 1968 by the trained pharmacist Joachim Böhme. The abbreviation JBL consists of the initials of the company founder's name and the seat of the company headquarters (J = Joachim, B = Böhme, L = Ludwigshafen).

With its good name, the manufacturer JBL stands for a very extensive range of accessories for the world of aquaristics. Be it high-quality fish food, reliable filter technology, functional and attractive CO2 accessories, care products and tools for the aquarium or fertilizer for aquatic plants: For all its products, JBL relies on quality, reliability and good service - a perfect match with our online shop.

True to their creed "progress through research", JBL is constantly developing new products or advancing already proven ones. The introduction of the ProScape series a few years ago was particularly interesting for aquascaping and plant aquaristics. This includes special liquid fertilizers, aquascaping tools and a soil based substrate system for ambitious plant aquaria.