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ADA - substrate

Aqua Design Amano has revolutionized aquaristics with the active Soil substrate Aqua Soil Amazonia. Active soil substrate influences various water parameters and creates a soft, acidic environment in the aquarium, which is favoured by many aquatic plants, shrimps and tropical ornamental fish. Meanwhile active soil has established itself as a fixed standard in aquascaping and also in the breeding of soft water shrimp. Aqua Soil Amazonia is still one of the most popular soil substrates in plant aquaristics. However, ADA has constantly improved and expanded its range of soil substrates to meet other needs. Aqua Soil Malaya is an ochre-coloured soil variant that is less rich in nitrogen. Aqua Soil Africana, with its reddish colour, reminds of the soils of tropical primeval forests. Amazonia Light is an innovative, new development of the classic Amazonia Soil, which is more aimed at beginners in the field of aquascaping and plant aquaristics. Amazonia Light contains nitrogen forms that are easier to handle, especially in the critical cycling phase of a newly installed aquarium. If you want to learn more about Aqua Soil Amazonia Light, click here.