Sharp blades for your aquarium plants

Plant scissors are by all means an important tool in plant aquaristics and aquascaping. In an aquarium, scissors are not only used for plant care, e.g. to clip old and sickly leaves. They are also important for the design and shaping of a planted aquarium: With them you can bring entire plant stocks into shape and nurse stem plants into a beautiful bushy growth. How to create this bushy growth by precise trimming is described in more detail in our article "Trimming stem plants".

Plant scissors come in different shapes and legths. We can offer you a tailor-made solution to any possible situation in your aquarium. In our shop you can purchase many different types of scissors for many different jobs. We also paid attention to being able to offer you tools in different price ranges. So our range covers brand models from ADA and Borneo Wild, as well as more affordable starter models. In addition, our own brand of aquascaping tools Aqua Rebell impresses with high quality and a particularly favorable price-performance ratio.

As a principle, plant scissors are available in different lengths. As an aquarium owner you can easily choose the scissors that best fit the size of your aquarium. Short scissors are small and agile and are well-suited for use in a nano aquarium. In a taller tank, the tool will need more range. For this purpose, we also offer long scissors in our webshop. Often the scissors are available in two different versions. "Classic" with straight blades or models with a curved tip. The latter offer great advantages especially for working near the substrate, since you do not have to dive so deeply into the aquarium water when cutting and do not have to make any contortions when trying to shorten the ground cover to be straight and parallel to the ground. The Wave Scissors with their double-curved S-shaped design are particularly striking. These peculiar scissors are very popular in aquascaping and an alleviation for the trimming of ground cover in tanks with edge lengths from 60 cm upwards. For the same reason it is recommended to use so-called Spring Scissors in smaller tanks or in larger areas with dense ground cover. These 15 cm short scissors show high agility, their blades are spring-powered and ensure a relaxing trimming job without getting fatigued. The springs support you when opening the scissor blades. Above all, the trimming of large ground cover areas - and not only in nano tanks - will be done quickly and easily.

For particularly high demands in quality and sharpness, we also have plant scissors with enhanced blades made of tungsten steel available in our shop. We offer these tungsten blade versions for selected Flowgrow Aquascaping scissors. They are a guarantee for long-time blade sharpness.