The optimal temperature for your aquarium

Having the right temperature is an important factor for aquatic plants, fish, shrimp and other invertebrates in an aquarium. It is essential if you want to ensure the most natural environment possible and reproduce the conditions of the natural habitats. Since most plant species and fish species originate from tropical regions, heaters are often used in aquaristics to bring the water in the aquarium to the desired temperature. These adjustable heaters are commonly used in the aquarium in the form of bar heaters, but there are also external options such as the inline heater from Hydor or upgrading the external filter to a thermo filter.

Heaters in the substrate, also called bottom heaters, ensure a good flow through the substrate by the resulting thermal and enhance the nutritional transport. They are therefore an interesting option for plant aquariums and aquascapes.

If, especially in the summer, temperatures rise, the aquarium water can get too hot for some aquarium dwellers. This particularly concerns dwarf shrimp species from cool and oxygen-rich habitats, such as bee shrimp. Often, high temperatures are accompanied by an oxygen shortage in the water, which can harm the animals. In our online shop we offer a variety of aquarium coolers, which can reduce the water temperature in the aquarium by two to four degrees via evaporation cooling.

To monitor temperatures, thermometers are used in aquaristics. Our aquasabi shop also offers thermometers without suction cups which are hung over the edge of an aquarium pane (hang-on style). This prevents unsightly suction marks on the glass.