Plant maintenance

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Dennerle - Plant care for the aquarium!

The manufacturer Dennerle also offers a wide range of suitable products for the correct care and nutrition of aquatic plants in the aquarium. Since aquarium plants can absorb nutrients through their leaves, stems and roots, it makes sense to provide them with a complete supply through a combination of liquid fertilisation and substrate fertilisation. Dennerle offers various product lines in this sector, tailored to the needs of the respective aquarist. The Scaper's Green and NPK Booster fertilisers are ideal for aquascaping. For a classic aquarium with aquatic plants, traditional products such as S7 VitaMix, E15 FerActiv and V30 Complete are tried and tested fertiliser products. Plant Elixir represents a universal complete iron fertiliser that provides the plants with important trace elements such as iron.

The special fertilisers from Dennerle are suitable for special treatment of aquarium plants. With Carbo Elixier Bio and Carbo Booster Max, for example, a liquid carbon sources can be added to the aquarium. PlantaGold 7 is a special enzyme preparation that stimulates cell division. PowerTabs and NutriBalls are bottom fertilisers that offer the plants nutrition through the roots.

For the correct pruning of aquarium plants and for creative work in the aquarium, Dennerle also has various plant shears, tweezers, sand flatteners and other aquascaping tools in its range.