Dennerle - Filterung für dein Aquarium!

Good filtration is important for the problem-less operation of your aquarium. In addition to water movement and flow, a filter performs tasks such as breaking down pollutants and filtering out suspended matter. In this way, the aquarium filter cleans the aquarium water. For small aquariums such as the popular Nano Cubes, Dennerle has internal filters in its range together with the appropriate filter material. These include filter wadding, filter fleece, filter foam and, of course, a suction protection to prevent small animals such as baby shrimps from being sucked in. Bacteria starters such as Dennerle BactoClean Bio or Nano FB7 BactoClean improve the biological filter performance so that the important filter bacteria establish themselves as soon as possible.
Water conditioners such as Clear Water Elixier or Vital Elixier optimise the water parameters and increase the vitality of the aquarium inhabitants.