UV Filter

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Just can't see through things? Clear water for your aquarium

UV-C sterilizers are used in aquaristics to clear turbidities in the aquarium water. Here, the passing aquarium water is treated with ultraviolet radiation. The UV radiation destroys the cell walls of algae, bacteria and other microorganisms, killing them. UV-C sterilizers are therefore often used for disease control and disease prevention in aquariums with fish inhabitants and shrimp aquariums. Above all, it reduces the so-called bacterial load, i.e. the number of free-floating pathogenic germs in the water, which can potentially affect your aquarium inhabitants. A reduction of the bacterial load reduces the stress load of the immune system of the fish and invertebrates in an aquarium.

Even with algal or bacterial blooms, cloudy or green water, the momentary use of a UV-C sterilizer can be an effective remedy. Usually the water becomes crystal clear again after a few days. Please note: The UV-C sterilizer is significantly more efficient, if the water passes it very slowly. Therefore, operating it inline is not always sensible, since the flowrate may be too high. In these cases, the UV-C sterilizer should be operated with additional hoses and a weak or throttled flow pump to eliminate massive water turbidity by algae or bacteria.

In a plant aquarium or aquascape, however, the permanent use of a UV-C sterilizer is not necessarily recommended if, for example, liquid fertilizers are added regularly to provide the aquatic plants with the necessary nutrients via the aquarium water. The UV radiation destroys the complexing agents of these liquid fertilizers, making their nutrients inaccessible to the plants. This may cause a nutritional shortage.

We offer various UV-C sterilizers as well as matching spare parts such as burners and connectors in our online shop. When buying a UV-C sterilizer, you should always make sure that the offered wattage of the device fits the size of your aquarium tank.