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The substrate is the centrepiece of every terrascape. It not only influences the aesthetic appearance, but is also crucial for the health and growth of the plants. Sand, gravel and aquasoil are popular types of substrate, each offering their own specific benefits for different terrascaping projects. The integration of coconut fibre, expanded humus, activated charcoal and lava granules can significantly increase the quality and functionality of your terrarium.

Sand is a fine-grained substrate that is ideal for terrascapes that imitate a desert or beach landscape. It enables quick drainage and prevents waterlogging. Sand is also ideal for creating soft contours and dunes and offers a natural look. However, it is low in nutrients, which is why additional fertilisation may be necessary for plant-rich terrascapes. Gravel is an excellent choice for terrariums that require a robust and natural base. With its larger grain size, gravel promotes good water circulation and is therefore ideal for aquaterrariums where healthy root growth is essential. Gravel also provides a stable base for hardscape elements and is available in a variety of colours to complement the terrascape design.

Aquasoil is a substrate specially developed for plant growth. It is rich in nutrients and supports the development of a strong root system. Aquasoil is the ideal choice for demanding plants and for terrascapes that strive for a lush, green ambience. Its porous structure promotes the colonisation of beneficial bacteria and the absorption of nutrients by the plant roots.

Coconut fibre, a natural soil conditioner, is a sustainable, organic material known for its airy structure and ability to retain moisture well. It is ideal for terrariums that require high humidity and supports root aeration, which is particularly important for epiphytic plants such as orchids and bromeliads.

Swelling humus, often obtained from pressed coconut fibres, swells when water is added and forms a fertile, loose substrate. It is rich in organic nutrients and provides an excellent basis for the growth of terrarium plants, promotes microfauna and supports a healthy root system.

Activated charcoal in the substrate helps to bind pollutants and odours and thus ensures a cleaner terrarium environment. It can be added when layering the substrate to promote the ecological balance and reduce the risk of mould and rot.

Lava granulate is a volcanic product that is ideal as a drainage layer. It effectively prevents waterlogging, promotes aeration of the soil and at the same time provides a stable foundation for the roots. Its porous structure also helps to store excess nutrients and release them to the plants as required.

The combination of these materials makes it possible to create a customised substrate for your terrascape. Whether you want to create a dry desert landscape with sand and gravel, a moisturising rainforest terrarium with coconut fibre and spring humus or a balanced ecosystem with the additional cleaning power of activated charcoal and the drainage provided by lava granulate - you will find all the components you need to provide your plants with optimal conditions in our online shop. Discover our diverse range of substrate materials and create a terrascape that is not only visually impressive, but also promotes healthy growth and a harmonious ecosystem.