Water treatment

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Oase - Water treatment

For every aquarium enthusiast, water care is a recurring topic. For this reason, Oase offers all-round care for an untroubled underwater experience. This way, the beautifully designed aquascape and the wonderful underwater landscape can be nurtured and cared for.
For a stable start, the LessStress water conditioner transforms any tap water into aquarium water. For balance, different bacteria can be added to the water. For a direct filter start, with the right bacteria to support it, there is the Oase Kick Filter Start. Should the aquarium ever get out of balance, the Oase BoostMix Clear Water can help.
Of course, Oase also provides support in case of nutrient oversaturation and offers clever solutions for stable water values. With the nitrate remover FilterAction and the phosphate remover QuickFilterAction, peaks in water values can be adjusted quickly and easily. Oase also ensures the vital growth of aquatic plants with fertilisers such as the iron depot fertiliser and the PlantGrow daily fertiliser.