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As early as 1951, the natural scientist Dr. Ulrich Baensch laid the foundation stone for one of the most important and largest aquarium accessories and food manufacturers in the world by founding the company Tropenhaus in Hanover. After the company was renamed Tetra Kraft Werke and moved to Melle in Lower Saxony, the name Tetra became a brand name that is now known worldwide. Ever since the company was founded, biologists, chemists and engineers have been researching and developing in various laboratories to optimise the products. The focus is on new and further development of innovative products that contribute significantly to the protection of our nature, our environment and natural resources.

Tetra's modern water care products such as AquaSafe, PlantaPro oder NitratMinus are chemically well-tested and mature helpers for the aquascaper. They facilitate the development of a harmonious harmony and enable crystal-clear water and magnificent plants even when water values are difficult to manage and the aquarium is fully stocked.

Tetra fish foods are of the highest quality and are not only ecologically valuable, but they also even meet the strict requirements of the IFS and proudly bear the corresponding certificate. The beloved TetraMin is part of our product range as well as the Tetra FreshDelica . In addition to accessories of the highest quality, such as the EX plus filters, Tetra has helped to shape many living rooms over the last 70 years with its complete aquarium sets and innovative and unusual furniture.