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Wabi Kusa

Wabi Kusa

Plant Terrarium

Another way to grow aquatic plants is in the form of wabi kusa. This is a very unique way to grow aquatic plants emersed, in other words, above water.

Originally from Japan, Wabi-Kusa involves growing plants in a small space, often on ball-like compressed soil. This is based on the East Asian principle of beauty, wabi-sabi, in which the ephemeral and imperfect play a special role. There is no direct translation of Wabi Kusa, but it can be described casually as "beautiful grassland".

A beautiful glass is recommended to show off a Wabi Kusa in the best possible light. With a closed glass, the humidity for the water plant can also be influenced. Nutrients can be added with the DOOA Wabi Kusa Mist.

Whether small mini aquariums or plant vases in different shapes, this decision is best made with the choice of plants and the type of Wabi Kusa designed. Many high-end aquarium suppliers, such as ADA, DOOA, Bioloark make extra tanks and bowls for Wabi-Kusa - which we have collected in this section.

For good growth of aquatic plants, regardless of the location of the Wabi Kusa, lighting is indispensable. Since most bowls do not have a suitable rim for attaching an LED in a sensible way, standing surfaces are used. For this we have, among other things, LEDs such as the ONF Flat Nano, Bioloark Wabi-Kusa Lamp and the Chihiros LED System CII. All these luminaires provide good lighting and promote plant growth.

There are many different ways to design a Wabi Kusa. As in every area of aquatics, there are almost no limits to your imagination. We offer the selection to start such a project in the best possible way. In this way, an aquatic plant or a terrarium plant can be cultivated like a houseplant in almost any place.

To get an idea of the design of a Wabi-Kusa, we have prepared a detailed Wiki-Article, in German language.
As with our aquariums, we attach great importance to secure packaging during shipping so that this new project can also be started quickly.