Discover the next level of hose care - tube brushes for your aquarium

Over time, deposits settle inside the filter hoses, which connect the external filter with the aquarium. These deposits cause the flowthrough and thus the current in the aquarium to decrease. In aquascaping, transparent filter hoses are often used - with accompanying Lily Pipes made of glass. In these aquariums, the unsightly deposits in the hoses additionally represent a visual interference. Regular cleaning of the hoses from the inside is therefore important for visual and practical reasons.

We offer a vast range of different tube brushes in our webshop, so you can get your hoses clean again. These are available in different sizes, suitable for the most common hose diameters 9/12, 12/16 and 16/22 mm. The brush should always be purchased to match the size of the filter hose used with the aquarium's filter.

Another practical thing is: With a hose brush you can also clean the filter inlets and filter outlets of coarse dirt. With Lily Pipes made of glass, however, a little caution is required. You shouldn't pull the brush through the glassware with too much force, since glass is famously prone to breakage. Hose brushes with a short brush head are better suited for very curvy filter outflows. Longer brush heads can get stuck in the curves of the Lily Pipe, which in turn may lead to glass breakage. For such cases we recommend ADA's Spring Washer, which has been specially designed for cleaning aquarium glassware and indeed has short brush heads.