Let there be light - lights for your aquarium

Especially for planted aquariums and aquascapes, lighting is the driving force cranking plant growth. But colorful fish and shrimp want to be put in the right light, too.

In our shop, we mainly offer energy-saving LED lighting systems from leading manufacturers such as daytime, ADA or Dennerle. Retrofitting T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes, HQI and energy saving lamps to LED systems has nowadays become established in the aquaristic scene. Although faced with a higher purchase price, it will amortize due to power savings and the elimination of a regular purchase of bulbs after just a few years. By the way: How to compare and convert old aquarium lights with LED, is explained in detail in the article Aquarium LED.

In our online shop, you can choose the appropriate lighting solution for all popular aquarium types from the comfort of your home. Our shop offers a vast selectionof lighting systems, be it clamp-on lamps for mini tanks, mounted/suspended solutions or lightbars, to be installed into pre-existing aquarium covers. Especially the company daytime offers manifold varieties of mounting options for their LED lights, so you will certainly find a suitable solution for your aquarium.

Many LED lighting systems have the great option of controllable lighting. An LED controller enables you to not only choose different colour temperatures or brightness settings, but also the course of daylight with dusk and dawn, moonlight, thunderstorm- and cloud simulation can be realized easily with the appropriate LED system. Various brightness control options are available in cheaper models (e.g. from the manufacturer Chihiros), too via simpler dimmers.

Who first and foremost is on the lookout for energy-saving lighting solutions, is well-advised with purchasing an LED system, equipped with pure white diodes. For the certain something in your light experience, however, we recommend lamps with RGB content. Additional RGP LED's are installed in these products, which accentuate the colours inside the aquarium in a very beautiful and aesthetic way. Red fish and plants benefit from this lighting particularly with radiance and intense colours.

You can't decide? Our article "LED lighting in aquariums" covers lighting solutions from all manufacturers available in our shop in detail.