CO2 for your aquarium

Aquatic plants benefit greatly from carbon fertilization in the aquarium. For this purpose, a CO2 system is used. The aquarium's inhabitants like fish and shrimp exhale CO2 as well, but the total amount is insufficient to advance plant growth.

A CO2 supply can be realized with various CO2 systems. Where bio CO2 systems are directed towards beginners, nano-tank owners and more price-conscious aquarists, refillable systems using pressurized gas are recommended for ambitioned aquascapers and plant aquarists. A kind of hybrid solution is represented in disposable bottle systems.

In our webshop, we offer all common CO2 systems, beginning with bio CO2 systems, complete solutions with disposable bottles, and all components needed for operating a CO2 system in an aquarium. These include primarily technical components such as pressure reducers, needle valves, night shut-offs and check valves. For CO2 monitoring purposes, bubble counters and permanent checkers - which are commonly called Drop Checkers in aquarist's lingo - are suitable. An appropriate testing agent inside the drop checker will indicate via colour change, whether the CO2 in the aquarium water is too low, too high or just right.

For individual supply, suitable CO2 hoses are available through our webshop, which meet all conditions needed for operation in and on the aquarium. In addition to high-pressure hoses, we also have soft and transparent silicone hoses in our product range. The latter are mainly used for connecting CO2 glassware like e.g. bubble counters and diffusers. These are highly-efficient CO2 dispensers, able to dissolve up to 98% of the gas in water. The CO 2 is pressed through a fine ceramic membrane and atomized into microfine bubbles, which are distributed with the waterflow inside the aquarium. Diffusers are available in glass, plastic or stainless steel, in different versions and for different aquarium tank sizes.

J Pipes, U Pipes and other CO2 hose connectors are used für elegant hose routing solutions. They ensure a kink-free transition in curves, around corners and especially in guiding the hose guide over the edge of the aquarium. They are available in glass or stainless steel and are particularly suitable for open aquariums in pool design.

Want to supply multiple aquariums at once with a single CO2 system? No problem with the CO2 splitters from our webshop. The splitters come with two to four channels with each having its own needle valve. Thus, a very individual adjustment for each aquarium is possible.