Layout & maintenance - For the Terrascape

Terrascaping, the artistic design of a miniature ecosystem, requires not only creativity, but also the right choice of natural materials and the appropriate care. In the 'Layout & maintenance' category of our online shop, you will find everything you need to create and maintain your terrarium.

Natural materials such as alder cones, various types of foliage and other natural decorative elements play an important role in the design of your terrascape. Alder cones are not only decorative, but also help to slightly acidify the water, which many plants and animals prefer. Different types of foliage, such as oak or beech leaves, provide your terrarium with a natural ground cover and serve as a hiding place and food source for many microorganisms.

When cleaning your terrarium, special cleaning products and tools are helpful to keep the glass clear and the terrarium free from algae and dirt. A clean terrarium is crucial for the health of your plants and animals.

Monitoring the temperature in your terrarium is easy with an accurate thermometer. Whether it's a tropical rainforest terrarium or a dry desert habitat, the right temperature control is crucial for the well-being of your terrarium inhabitants.

Osmosis water is particularly suitable for sensitive plants and animals as it is free from harmful substances. An osmosis device allows you to have pure water available at all times to control the water quality in your terrarium.

Good tools are the be-all and end-all in terrascaping. Precise tweezers, scissors and spatulas help you to carefully arrange the plants and design the hardscape.

Caring for your plants is crucial for a permanently beautiful terrarium. Special fertilisers, spray bottles for the right humidity and little helpers such as fertiliser balls ensure that your plants grow and thrive magnificently.

Discover a wide range of 'Layout & maintenance' products in our online shop to transform your terrarium into a small, living world. With the right products, you can transform your terrarium into an impressive ecosystem that will delight you and your visitors.