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Accessories - For the Terrascape

In terrascaping, the art of terrarium design, the right accessories are crucial in addition to creativity and patience. In our online shop, we offer you a comprehensive selection of accessories that have been specially developed for the requirements and needs of terrascapes.

High-quality hoses are essential for targeted watering or connecting technical products such as pumps in your terrarium. They allow you to reach even hard-to-reach areas and provide your plants with an optimum supply of water. Whether you need to supply moisture to a rainforest terrarium or selective irrigation in a desert scenario, our hoses can be used flexibly and make caring for your plants much easier.

Suction cups are small but indispensable helpers in terrascaping. They are used to securely attach tubes, thermometers and other accessories to the glass walls of the terrarium. Our suction cups are robust and ensure that everything stays in place and your terrascape always looks tidy.

Over time, it may become necessary to replace certain parts of your terrarium. Our range of spare parts includes everything you need to maintain and upgrade your terrarium equipment. From filter elements to Wabi-Kusa Mat , we have the right spare parts to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your terrarium.

In our online shop, you will find these and many other accessories that will enrich and facilitate your terrascaping project. Discover the diversity of our range now and find the perfect products to design and maintain your terrarium. With the right accessories, your terrascape will become an impressive and lively work of art.