Fish Net

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Fish nets for your aquarium

Fish nets have pretty diverse uses. First and foremost, of course, they are used to catch aquarium animals such as fish or shrimp so that you can migrate them. For this we offer nets with different meshes and sizes in our online shop. Very tight-meshed nets are recommended especially for small animals such as shrimp and their tiny offspring. Fish nets such as the Ebi Net products from Borneo Wild are often used for the selection of shrimp in breeding. Aquaristic fish nets with a coarser mesh are better suitable for retrieving fish.

Fish nets are a good tool for general maintenance work in the aquarium as well. Plant clippings floating on the surface, food leftovers, animal carcasses, water lens or other floating plants can be removed efficiently with a fish net. In this respect, a fish net is an important tool in aquaristics, which has a lot more purposes than catching aquarium animals.

For hygienic reasons, one dedicated net should be used if multiple aquarium tanks are in use. This drastically reduces the risk of bringing germs or algae spores from one tank into the other.