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In mint condition! Water conditioners for your aquarium

Water conditioners have several jobs in aquaristics. First of all they make sure, that any water-borne toxins that may be present in the water are removed when performing a water change or topping up. For example, heavy metals or chlorine residues can be dangerous to the inhabitants of an aquarium. This is especially important if the aquarium owner uses tap water. Even if chlorine is not permanently present in the tap water, now and then it may occur, that the drinking water supplier flushes its pipes with chlorine, not always warning the homeowners beforehand. Metal residues such as copper can sometimes peel away from old pipelines. It is particularly dangerous if relatively new copper pipes are installed in the house. Therefore, if you want to play it safe, it is highly recommended to use a water conditioner when changing the water in the aquarium.
In our online shop, we offer water treatment equipment from many well-known manufacturers in the aquaristic industry, such as Dennerle, JBL, ADA or Seachem. If the aquarist uses tap water or even demineralized water for the water change, the fresh water may lack important elements essential for the ecosystem or the inhabitants of the aquarium. In particular, minerals, trace elements, humic substances and vitamins are often missing. With appropriate preparations such as GlasGarten Betaglucan + Immunoglobulin or the ADA Aqua Conditioner Vitamix you can easily add these missing elements. They protect and improve the immune system and health of fish and shrimp in an aquarium. Essential humic acids can be added with products like SaltyShrimp Leaves & Bark or the Dennerle Humin Elixier, which you can also buy here.

In case of turbidity caused by suspended solids, water purifiers such as the liquid filter medium from Easy Life or Clarity from Seachem are recommended. Suspended particles in the water are bound by these products to larger lumps, which then sink. Now they can be siphoned away or captured using mechanical filtering.

Certain water purifiers can also be used to set individual water parameters in the aquarium. These include pH-lowering additives such as the classic JBL pH minus or the Seachem Acid Regulator. With them, the pH can be set optimally to specific values, so that the aquarium water meets the requirements of tropical ornamental fish such as discus or tetra.

Special liquid preparations such as Dennerle BactoClean Bio or SaltyShrimp Herbal & Bacter supplement the aquarium water with beneficial bacteria. In this case, different microorganisms are supplied, for example, nitrifying starter bacteria, which promote the degradation of pollutants in the aquarium, but also bacteria that can reduce the amount of dirt and the accumulated amount of sludge in the aquarium.