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Ventilation - Ensures good circulation of air in the terrarium

Optimum ventilation in the terrarium for a healthy ecosystem - A vital aspect of terrascaping is ventilation, which creates a balanced climate for your terrarium. Proper ventilation is essential to ensure fresh air circulation, regulate humidity, balance temperature and prevent mould growth.

Why is adequate ventilation in the terrarium so important?

Terrariums are closed biotopes and without adequate ventilation the air quality can quickly deteriorate, especially in rainforest terrariums with high humidity. Effective ventilation supports the necessary air exchange and is therefore crucial for the health of your plants and animals.

There are many ways to achieve optimum ventilation. Passive aeration can be achieved using aeration openings in mini terrariums such as the Glass Pot Maru from DOOA or the Luji Cups from Bioloark. These ensure natural gas exchange.

Active ventilation using fans and ventilators, as used by OASE in the biOrb air, effectively circulates the air in the terrarium. The controllability and improved fresh air supply provided by active ventilation systems contribute to a natural climate and are particularly beneficial in terrariums with high humidity.

Mesh protection shields from insects while maintaining air circulation.

Regular maintenance is essential to maintain air exchange and ensure the functionality of the ventilation and filter systems. The balance between ventilation and humidity is crucial. Too much ventilation can lead to too rapid a loss of humidity. Optimal ventilation in the terrarium is very helpful for a healthy ecosystem. It provides fresh air, regulates humidity and creates a natural environment for your plants and animals. Visit our online shop to find the ideal ventilation accessories for your terrarium and create a balanced terrascape.