Water conditioning

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Dennerle - Water care for the aquarium!

Various care products from Dennerle can be used to treat the water in the aquarium. These include bacterial starters such as BactoClean Bio or water conditioners such as Avera. This product not only removes heavy metals but also chlorine from the aquarium water, and also protects the mucous membranes and gills of the fish by using aloe vera.
Dennerle Clear Water Elixier acts as a liquid water clarifier by drawing tiny suspended particles out of the water.
Dennerle Humin Elixier enriches the water in the aquarium with important humic substances without causing a brown tint oft he aquarium water and thus inhibits a negative bacterial contamination.
For water treatment of demineralised or very soft water with sufficient minerals, the appropriate Shrimp King hardening salt can be used. Dwarf shrimp in particular also benefit greatly from enrichment with minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The product Nano Crusta Mineral from Dennerle is a good choice here.