Returns and emergencies

Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. If something has really not quite gone as desired, we'll find a solution that fully satisfies you - that's a promise.

Here we've listed some things for you that can help you find out what to do should a problem arise.

Mispurchases and replacements

Before shipping

You've just sent your order and now realise that you've forgotten to add an article or that you clicked on the wrong item? Hurry!

Please phone us ASAP so we can alter your order according to your desires. Generally, these alterations are not a problem, however, they depend very much on the processing state of your order. If we have already shipped your parcel, we can of course do nothing to add something to it any more.

After shipping

Your new inline atomizer has finally arrived, but it doesn't fit? We know that feeling.

If you'd like to exchange an item you have received we'll surely find a way to bring that smile back to your face. Just give us a phone call or write an email to us. We can process your exchange request the most quickly when you tell us the article order ID of your article. We sent it to you in an email before we shipped the goods. If you ordered as registered customer, you'll also find these article order IDs in your "My Aquasabi".

Right of withdrawal

If you want to make use of your right to withdrawal to return one or several articles, you'll find further information regarding the exact procedure in our right to withdrawal.

Transport damages

We exclusively ship in insured packages. If a parcel happens to be damaged on its way to your home, our carrier bears the liability for the resulting breakage. We are informed about large defects. In this case we will do our utmost to ship a compensation delivery ASAP. In rare cases, damages that occurred during transport are overlooked, and the seemingly unharmed parcel is delivered to you.

For this reason, please examine all packages you receive for external damage in the presence of the delivery agent, and have him document eventual deteriorations in writing. This is something you ought to have in mind whenever you receive a parcel, not only with our shipments. However, if one of the parcels we shipped to you happens to be damaged and if the goods in there are also deteriorated, please contact us immediately.

Item damages

All the articles we ship are checked again before we send them. We also package very carefully. However, if an article seems to be damaged when delivered, please document the deterioration with a photo and turn to us - we'll find a fast solution for your problem.

Forgot password

You have forgotten your password for your "My Aquasabi"? No reason to panic!

We do not know your current password. However, we can send you a new one. All you need is your email address and your postal code. For requesting your new password, simply click on the link "Forgotten your password?" in the entry form or follow the link below in order to create a new password:

Technical problems

Something here does not work as it ought to? We'd be more than happy if you told us so we can have a look. We have meticulously tested our web shop with many browsers and terminals and got vast feedback, however, we still cannot guarantee that it works smoothly all the time with all devices.

In such a case, please take a moment and tell us what was the problem. We will take care of it immediately so everything runs smoothly again..

First aid

No matter what the problem is, we are there for you!

Office hours
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (CET/CEST)

Immediate help during our office hours
+49 531 2086358

For help outside our office hours turn to

When the going gets tough, please feel free to contact uns immediately. We will drop everything we're doing to find the best solution for your problem!

During our office hours you can reach us from Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The easiest way is to call us by phone. Outside our office hours and during holidays, please send an email. We will take care of your problem on the very next workday and will get back to you as soon as possible - that's a promise!