Aquarium plants

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Dennerle - Plants for the aquarium!

Aquatic plants play an important role in the closed ecological system of the aquarium. They serve as oxygen producers, utilise nutrients and offer the inhabitants sufficient protection, hiding places and grazing opportunities. The Dennerle nursery has a wide range of different aquarium plants to offer and, in addition to a large standard assortment of the most popular aquarium plants, also convinces with in-house rarities such as the Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Flamingo'. As a manufacturer, Dennerle relies on a traffic light system based on colours, which indicates the respective degree of difficulty of the plant.

While mosses are usually sold by Dennerle as pads or portions, for the other aquatic plants such as ground covers, perennials or stem plants you have the choice between conventional pots or the sterile in vitro cup. In the latter, aquarium plants are cultivated under laboratory conditions. They are clean and free of pesticides, algae, germs and pests. An ideal solution for use in a planted aquarium with sensitive invertebrates such as Caridina dwarf shrimps.