Aquario - aquaristic products

AQUARIO comes from South Korea and offers aquascapers accessories at a particularly favourable price-performance ratio. In our online shop, you will find the neo Soil Compact aquarium substrate and the Plants Tab soil fertilisers, as well as the neo CO2 diffuser Extend Special Type and the U-Type made of acrylic glass. These are suitable for many different aquarium sizes from Nano Cube to room dividers. These innovative diffusers are characterised by efficient CO2 release and whisper-quiet operation. AQUARIO offers the matching neo Bio CO2 system, which is ideal for a smaller nano aquarium. Refill packs are also available.

The aquarium fertilisers neo Solution 1 and 2 as well as neo Solution Fe and K extend the AQUARIO range with liquid fertilisers to supply your plants with nutrients. These special full and single component fertilisers prevent deficiency symptoms and promote the growth of aquarium plants. Above all, this ensures less algae, strong, healthy plants and rich colours.
The neo Flow inlet and outlet sets and the matching neo Skimmer are made of PETG, an innovative material in aquaristics. They promise maximum flexibility, a crystal-clear look, durability as well as breaking resistance at very good price perfomance prices.

Also, with its neo filter media, AQUARIO offers a high-quality, cutting edge biological filter material. These filter media have porous structures and thus offer sessile bacteria the ideal environment for colonisation. Neo Media Soft also slightly acidifies the water and thereby creates optimal conditions for soft-water fish, shrimps and aquarium plants.