What doesn't fit - is MADE to fit - CO2 for your aquarium

In this category of our online shop you will find all hose connections, hose guides, adapters and dispensers for your aquarium's CO2 supply. There are different systems to buy here. For high-pressure hoses, push-in connectors are suitable in which the hose is inserted into the connector and locked there by internal "teeth". These hose connections are extremely strong and secure. The ADA Joint Parts also work in this principle.

The standard for aquaristic CO2 equipment, like the connections to and from pressure reducers and needle valves are screw connections able to connect high-pressure hoses as well as softer silicone hoses.
To connect and guide the CO2 hose to, along and over the aquarium's pane, so-called J Pipes or U Pipes are used, especially in aquascaping. These pipes are special tubes made of glass or stainless steel, which can be used to lead the hose over a side pane of the aquarium, without causing kinks in the hose. These pipes are available in different sizes to offer solutions for aquariums with different wall thicknesses.