Lighting System

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ADA - LED lighting

For their aquarium lamps, Aqua Design Amano counts on innovative, modern LED technology. Combined with their very elegant design, mounted lamps such as the Aquasky have become a standard in the aquascaping sector. The high-quality acrylic holders and the sleek lamp body make it appear as if the light were hovering above the aquarium. In the course of time, the range of models has been extended with the Aquasky Moon and Aquasky G, which are particularly powerful and emphasize the green tones of aquarium plants more than conventional LED aquarium lighting could.

The Solar RGB suspended light is ideal for larger aquariums with a front length of 60 cm or more. As the name suggests, it is a lighting system which enhances the colour components red, green and blue and thus ideally promotes the growth of aquatic plants in the aquarium and boosts colour intensity. Fish and aquarium plants shine in a very special light.