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Dennerle - Soil for the aquarium!

Among the tried and tested substrates for the aquarium, quartz gravel from Dennerle is one of the most established substrates on the market. This gravel is available in different colours such as black, brown, white or grey and is completely neutral to the water. Especially in the areas of aquascaping and shrimp breeding, active soil has become increasingly popular, so that the manufacturer Dennerle did not miss the opportunity to also offer such a nutrient substrate for aquarium plants under the name Scaper's Soil. This substrate has an influence on the water values in the aquarium and provides the aquatic plants with important nutrients.
Unique designs are possible with the Plantahunter gravels from Dennerle. Names such as Yukon, Baikal, Xingu, Beach, River, Burma, Glacier and Colorado are associated with certain colour shades and natural environments. These gravel types are suitable for various applications and are characterised by their unique appearance.