Neatness is a must! Tube brushes for your glassware and hoses

In- and outflow glassware, which is very popular in aquascaping, should be cleaned in regular intervals. For a partial removal of accumulated dirt, special tube brushes can be used. It is advisable to use special brushes to clean Lily Pipes, as the regular models available in aquaristics, are not well suitable for this. Among others, the Spring Washer by ADA is available in our online shop. These are designed for all common hose diameters (10, 13 and 17 mm) and have short brush heads. This particular design is necessary, because long brush heads can get stuck in curvier tube segments - with an increased risk of glass breakage or scratches. Of course, tube brushes from other manufacturers can be used if they have sufficiently short brush heads.

Additionally, we have an apt article on file in our Aquascaping Wiki, covering the cleaning of Lily Pipes in more detail. Like other glassware for aquariums, Lily Pipes can be effectively cleaned in a bleach and water bath. The hose brushes serve only the purpose of removing coarse dirt or last adhering dirt residues.

Of course, cleaning other filter tubes made of stainless steel or plastic, as well as filter hoses is possible, too. Again, the brush should always be selected to match the hose diameter. Brushes for all common hose diameters 9/12, 12/16 and 16/22 mm are available.