Dennerle - Illumination for the aquarium!

Lamps for aquariums are also part of the Dennerle range. The main focus here is on energy-saving LED technology, which are also offer in our aquaristics online shop. The top series among the LED systems of this renowned brand is the high-quality, innovative Trocal LED, which is manufactured especially for Dennerle by the renowned manufacturer GHL. With around 120 lumens per watt, this LED has an above-average light output. This aquarium lighting is ideally suited for operating an aquascapes or plant aquariums. In terms of the mounting principle, it resembles a top-mounted luminaire and can be easily adapted to the individual length of the tank.
With the matching accessories, such as the Trocal LED Control control unit, it is also possible to dim the aquarium lamp. With this LED controller, both the light intensity and the light colour can be individually adjusted and light simulations such as sunsets can be realised.