Sand & Gravel

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Sand & Gravel - A Matter of Ground

In terrariums, sand and gravel play a crucial role that goes beyond aesthetics. The ground substrate in terrascaping not only serves for visual design but also significantly influences the microclimate and the growth of terrarium plants.

The right use of sand or gravel allows not only the creation of visually natural landscapes but also the regulation of moisture in the terrarium is influenced by the ground base. The fine-grained structure of the sand supports soil drainage and prevents waterlogging, while coarse-grained gravel promotes ventilation and reduces the risk of mold formation.

Moreover, sand and gravel, in combination with hardscape elements like rocks and wood, provide a varied surface for epiphytes, climbing and creeping plants, as well as hiding spots. This creates a natural environment.

When choosing sand and gravel, it's important to consider the individual needs of the plants in the terrarium. Desert plants as well as rainforest species have different requirements for the substrate composition. Therefore, the selection should be carefully matched and regularly reviewed to ensure a permanently optimal environment.

In summary, sand and gravel not only enrich the aesthetic dimension of a terrarium but also play a functional role in creating a balanced habitat. In our terrascaping online shop, numerous options for combining different substrates are offered.