CO2 Hose

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CO2 hose for your aquarium

To operate a CO2 system in a plant aquarium or aquascape, of course, suitable hoses are needed to connect the various components. Especially for longer distances and when technical parts with screw connections (such as pressure reducer, needle valve and night shut-off) are to be connected, high-pressure hoses are the way to go. These are usually made of polyurethane or LDPE. Both types of hose are extremely pressure-resistant and well-suited for use inside the aquarium, furthermore the material prevents CO2 from escaping even in longer hose lines. While LDPE hoses are quite rigid and intended primarily for connection to quick connectors, polyurethane hoses are characterized by more flexibility. They are even suitable for connecting glassware such as diffusers and bubble counters to the CO2 system. The end of the hose definitely should be warmed up to make it a bit softer before putting it over the glass tube. This reduces the risk of glass breakage. Soft silicone hoses are much more suitable for this purpose.

In this section of our online shop, you will find various types of silicone-based hose, made of polyurethane or LDPE (low-density polyethylene). Different colors are available. In addition to clear hoses which are very popular in aquascaping, you can also purchase black, green, gray or blue CO2 hoses from our webshop.