Filtration System

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ADA - filtration

With the Super Jet external filters, Aqua Design Amano offers first-class filters with external pump head, high-quality stainless steel housing and a unique look. It would simply be a pity to ban these products to the base cabinet. The different models cover a range of different aquarium sizes.

The Vuppa-I and Vuppa-II surface skimmers made of stainless steel are also available. Since both skimmers feature a pump of their own, both are suitable for use as a standalone filter for nano tanks.

Another revolution in aquascaping was achieved by ADA with the introduction of glass filter inlets and filter outlets, also known as Lily Pipes. They render the rather unsightly filter technology almost invisible and replace the customary specimens made of unsightly green or black plastic. Different types of filter outlets are available, offering many different flow behaviours in the aquarium. You can find more information about this in the article "Water flow in the aquarium" in our Aquascaping Wiki.