You shall not pass! - intake protection for external filters

In an aquarium with small animals such as snails, shrimp and nano fish there is a real danger that these creatures and especially their offspring can get sucked in by the filter. Tiny baby shrimp and smaller snails can easily get caught in the filter's pull. We offer so-called filter guards for the inflows of external filters in our webshop. This is a tailor-made intake protection for all common filter inflows. Lily Pipes, which are very popular in aquascaping, can be made absolutely safe for the smallest aquarium inhabitants in that way. In shrimp- or fish breeding, these products are very useful tools in particular. The filter guards are either made of very fine stainless steel mesh or filter foam, with a pore size small enough to prevent creatures from getting sucked in. Additionally, plant parts floating in the water are prevented from getting sucked into the filter or plugging up the inflow. This intake protection is available in all common hose diameters used in aquaristics - 9/12, 12/16 and 16/22 mm. Before purchase, you should check the length of the intake slots in the inflow tube. Different types of filter guards are offered for all the different designs, as they should cover the intake devices of the filter inlet as completely as possible. In addition, special filter guards for glass skimmers are available through our webshop as well.

More on the topic of intake protection can be found in our Wiki article. Among other things, solutions for internal filters and backpack filters are presented here.