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Soil - A Foundation for Growth

Soil is an essential element in terrariums or aqua-terrariums, serving as much more than just a base for plants. This special substrate, largely composed of fired clays, significantly contributes to creating a natural habitat for terrarium plants with its porous structure and high nutrient density.

In the terrarium, soil is a high-quality mix of organic materials. It provides not only an ideal base for plant root growth but also supports moisture regulation within the terrarium and the colonization of beneficial bacteria. The soil's high water retention capacity ensures that plants have a constant source of moisture, while its porous structure simultaneously prevents waterlogging.

Another advantage of terrarium soil is its ability to release nutrients to the plants. This promotes healthy growth and lush vegetation in the terrarium. At the same time, the soil provides a stable foundation for hardscape elements such as stones and roots, creating a natural and harmonious environment.

In summary, soil in the terrarium is more than just a simple ground base. It is a living element that facilitates plant care, regulates moisture, and supports nutrient supply. By choosing high-quality soil, terrarium enthusiasts can create a vibrant and flourishing environment that accurately reflects the natural habitats of terrarium plants.