Always well-supplied aquarium plants - The right nutrients for your aquarium

Nutrients play a major role in a planted aquarium and of course also in an aquascape - without nutrients, no plants! Aquarium plants not only need sufficient "food" for growth, but nutrients are also of eminent importance for normal metabolic processes and for energy production through photosynthesis. The basics for fertilizing a plant aquarium have been presented in a series of articles in our Aquascaping Wiki: Fertilizing a planted aquarium, part 1, part 2 and part 3.

With liquid fertilizer you supply your aquarium or aquascape plants simply over the water column. In this field we offer a great selection of brands and sophisticated fertilizer systems. In addition to renowned brands such as ADA, Do!Aqua, Drak and EasyLife, we also offer you our specially developed Aqua Rebell liquid fertilizers for plant aquariums and aquascapes. Here you will find liquid fertilizers with which you can specifically add the macronutrients nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus as well as trace element fertilizers with micronutrients and complete iron fertilizers. Of course you will also find an article about the correct handling of liquid fertilizers in our Aquascaping Wiki.

As a practical accessory for all those who regularly supply their aquarium with liquid fertilizer, we offer a rich selection of everything you need for the right dosage and fertilizer application in our online shop category "Dispensing aids": from hoses to dosing pumps, screw bottles, dosage aids such as syringes, pipettes and measuring cups to empty containers and automatic dosing machines. You can find an article about the use of automatic dosing pumps in our Aquascaping Wiki: automated fertilization.

Plants that absorb most of their nutrients through their roots, such as rosette plants, are also called root feeders. For these aquarium plants it can be extremely beneficial to deliver the fertilizer directly to their roots. This works excellently with substrate fertilizers. With an appropriate injector, fertiliser capsules can even be subsequently and repeatedly inserted into the aquarium substrate - directly into the root system of the plant to be supplied.

Do-it-yourselfers can also buy pure nutrient salts in our online shop. They are well-suited for all those who have a high demand for fertilizers and confidence in mixing their own nutrient blend.

Minerals and trace elements are not only interesting for shrimp and fish, but our aquarium plants benefit from a continuous supply of nutrients, too. Powdery and liquid water additives, but also the mineral stones, which you can buy in our category "Minerals" in the Aquasabi online shop, are suitable for this.

Water tests tell you whether your aquarium is supplied with all the nutrients your plants need, whether there are nutritional gaps or surpluses - and they help you track down problems in your aquarium. Water tests for aquaristics and aquascaping are available from JBL as single tests and also as complete test cases. For a very exact determination you will also find the professional colorimetric lab-grade water tests from Macherey-Nagel in our webshop, which are much more accurate than the usual tests available in aquaristics.

You can also buy water purifiers in this category of our online shop: mineral salts for the remineralization of osmosis water or demineralized water for your dwarf shrimp, discus fish and other aquarium inhabitants, humic preparations that make your water biotope-compatible, water conditioners based on zeolite or EDTA that bind pollutants such as copper and other heavy metals, chlorine and ammonia, and water conditioners that specifically remove nitrate or phosphate. You will also find conditioners for adjusting the pH value in our range, as well as additives from herbs and bacterial preparations, which can help to stabilise the biological system in your aquarium. We'll be going into ADA's Water Conditioners in more detail in this article in the Aquascaping Wiki.