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Mineral commendable - mineral supplements for your shrimp

Here in Aquasabi's online shop you'll find a well thought-out selection of mineral supplements that your shrimp need for smooth moulting, healthy growth and a good reproduction rate.

Shrimps must moult regularly as their rigid exoskeleton, the firm skin of chitin, does not permit growth. The younger the shrimp, the faster it grows and the more often it has to cast off its old, too small shell. A dwarf shrimp needs minerals in order to be able to form a new shell, but a balanced supply of minerals is also necessary for egg formation and the development of tissue and haemolymph (the "blood" of the shrimp). Minerals and trace elements also keep the shrimp's metabolism running and ensure that its immune system can function properly.

Shrimps take in the required minerals mainly through their food; for a good supply of minerals, which benefits your dwarf shrimp directly, you should therefore favour mineral stones and mineral powder: Dennerle Nano Crusta Mineral Powder, Borneo Wild Minerocks or Bee Balls, Mironekuton Powder and Stones, Shirakura White Mineral Powder and Mineral Stones are grazed and absorbed with enthusiasm and in passing supply your shrimps with all the trace elements and minerals they need. Some mineral powders also contain the layered silicate montmorillonite or bamboo charcoal, which have the ability to absorb and bind harmful substances. They are thus rendered harmless in the shrimp aquarium and disposed of with the next water change when the substrate is syphoned off.

Liquid mineral additives such as the Liquid Mineral GH+ from GlasGarten, Liquid Mineral Ca+ from Shirakura or Mineral Fluid from Dennerle Shrimp King are used to enrich soft water with minerals. In a shrimp aquarium, this mainly benefits the biofilms, which play an outstanding role in aquarium biology as pollutant eliminators and are also very popular shrimp food. Unlike shrimp, however, snails also take in many minerals directly from the water, so liquid mineral additives will also benefit your pretty aquarium snails.