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Liquid fertilizer for your aquarium

Liquid fertilizers are not only a popular means in aquascaping, with which aquarium plants can be easily and above all accurately supplied with nutrients. The liquid fertilizer is simply added to the aquarium via the water column. How liquid fertilization works exactly, is described in detail in this article in our Aquascaping Wiki. A more comfortable way of doing it, is by using a dosing pump. How to do it is described in our article "Automated fertilization" in our Aquascaping Wiki. An optically very appealing solution for the addition of liquid fertilizers is presented in the Wiki article: Optisch attraktive Düngerzufuhr".

In this category you will find liquid fertilizers and fertilizer systems of which we ourselves are convinced, including not only the fertilizer systems from ADA, Seachem, Dennerle, Drak, JBL Pro Scape und Pro Flora, Tropica and Easy Life, but also the various liquid fertilizers from the Aqua Rebell brand, which we ourselves have developed for planted aquariums and aquascapes. The new liquid fertilizers from ADA and the differences to the "old" Green Brighty series are described in our article "New ADA liquid fertilizers".

A sufficient availability of the macronutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) is important for plant growth in the aquarium, but your aquatic plants also need trace elements and especially iron. We offer liquid fertilizers for adding individual macronutrient components, but also ready-made fertilizer mixtures such as the Makro Spezial Licht and Makro Basic Estimative Index from Aqua Rebell - just as you need it. Of course you will also find liquid fertilizers, which allow you to supply your aquarium plants with micronutrients, and complete iron fertilizers.

Ferrdrakon Power consists of fertilizer systems adapted to different aquarium sizes that supply your aquarium with liquid fertilizer continuously over a period of three months. This fertilizer system consists of Aquafim plastic cubes, which deliver the amount of fertilizer your plants need continuously and constantly, saving you a lot of work, ensuring e.g. a relaxing holiday for you.