Tweezers for your aquarium

Tweezers are a very useful tool in aquaristics and terraristics. In addition to being able to precisely place food, tweezers can be used to move or remove hard-to-reach objects without having to get your hands wet. Unwanted food remains, plant parts, animal carcasses or empty snail shells can be easily removed. Smaller stones or pieces of wood can be moved around when redecorating the aquascape. Tweezers are particularly helpful when setting aquatic plants, especially in plant aquariums and aquascapes. With such a tool, such work is much easier for you than, for example, setting plants with your bare hands. The use of tweezers is highly recommended in aquariums with soil substrate, which is made of much lighter particles than sand and gravel. Due to the buoyancy of the plants, it is much easier setting them with a suitable pair of tweezers.

Similar to other aquascaping tools you can buy tweezers in many different designs in our online shop. The length of the tool should be selected when purchasing to match the dimensions of the different aquarium types. Short, agile tweezers are well-suited in a nano tank, long tweezers with a longer reach are required in taller aquariums to not get your hands wet. In addition, tweezers are available with either straight or curved tips. While a straight version has a better reach, curved tip tweezers allow you to get to hard-to-reach areas in the aquarium, for example, below stone structures or in between dense roots.

Tweezers with fine and coarse tips are available. The latter is good for setting multiple stems of a background plant at once, or to insert larger tubers, bulb plants or epiphytes. A fine tip is ideal for setting single, thin stalks and solitary plants. It is also a useful tool for detail work in an aquascape.