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Oase - Feed

In addition to the well-known products from pond construction and the well-known filters and pumps, Oase also offers an up-to-date and high-quality portfolio of fish feeds. The Oase ORGANIX feeds are of the highest quality and the ingredients such as salmon, kelp or shrimps are sustainably obtained through MSC certified fishing off the coasts of Alaska. The consistent attention to quality and sustainability is only one component of the exceptional quality of ORGANIX fish feeds. Another component is the coordination of the interaction between water, technology and the creatures in the aquarium. Thus, the fish food from Oase is designed in such a way that the water is polluted as little as possible by feeding. This is achieved on the one hand by a very high nutrient density, which allows feeding intervals of only once or twice a day, and on the other hand the fish food contains only minimal phosphate. This protects not only the fish and shrimp, but also the filter and other aquarium equipment from contamination. However, the inhabitants of the aquarium are fully supplied with nutrients, minerals and dietary fibres, without neglecting the preferences and feeding characteristics of the various fish species. The varied complete foods are supplemented by the ORGANIX supplementary foods. Because only a varied diet leads to a healthy and fulfilled fish or shrimp life. Not only the water of the aquarium is relieved by the Oase ORGANIX food. Nature is also less stressed by sustainable fishing. With Oase ORGANIX, ambitious but less experienced aquarium fans and also aquarium professionals can feed the power of nature without hesitation.