Tidy up, please - filter for you aquarium

A good and proper filtration is essential for the quality and purity of aquarium water, which is constantly burdened by the organic waste of its inhabitants. A filter consists of a pump unit, which provides flow and the necessary circulation of the water. Using this technique, the water inside the filter is pressed through various filter materials. These filter media have different jobs. n aquaristics, a distinction is made between chemical, biological and mechanical filter media. Mechanical filtering is used to catch suspended particles and coarser impurities out of the water. This is done e.g. via filter sponge or filter fleece. Biological filtering primarily provides bacteria with a settlement area, which convert pollutants into less harmful substances in the course of the nitrogen cycle. Chemical filter media such as activated carbon or adsorber, however, have an active influence on certain substances in the water, which the aquarist would like to get rid of specifically. Of course you can find filter media for all these tasks in our online shop.

There are different types of filters. Internal filters are located directly in the aquarium. So you do not need to set up the filter technology outside - for example, in a cabinet. Internal filters are not as popular in aquascaping, because they limit the designable space inside the tank and stick out.

External filters offer completely different possibilities here. This type of filter is placed outside the aquarium, usually in an aquarium cabinet. Hidden there, the external filter won't offend the eyes. Via flexible hoses, the filter unit is connected to a filter in- and outlet unit made of plastic. For aesthetic reasons, filter accessories made of plastic can also be replaced by variants made of glass or stainless steel. The so-called Lily Pipes are very popular in aquascaping, and the corresponding article on them can be found in our Aquascaping Wiki.

Another, also external variant are backpack filters, which are also found in commerce under the name hang-on filter. Here, the filter unit is hung over the edge of the aquarium. Especially for nano aquariums, this is a practical and sightly solution, since hardly any room is occupied by the technology inside the tank.

In our shop you can choose from all: internal filters, backpack filters, external filters as well as pure flow pumps and surface skimmers, so that you can realize proper filtration for any kind of aquarium. We offer a wide range of accessories - especially for external filters - and also our own line of glassware with our Aquasabi and Aqua Rebell products. If you are interested in particular in the filtration of aquascapes or aquariums, please have a look at the article Filtration in a plant aquarium in our Aquascaping Wiki.

For the lovers and breeders of dwarf shrimp, we also offer a matching intake protection in different sizes for all popular external filter models. These filter guards prevent small shrimps or even small fish from being sucked through the filter.