Technique - For terrascaping

Technology in the terrarium: a key element for a thriving ecosystem. A closed ecosystem such as the terrarium depends largely on the right technology to fulfil the needs of the plants growing in it. The type of layout also plays an important role, as plants, animals and microorganisms live most healthily in an individually harmonised balance. This text focuses on the essential technical components for plant-only terrariums.

High-quality lighting is crucial for the growth and development of plants in the terrarium. The lighting intensity should be tailored to the needs and quantity of the terrarium plants, whereby a little more power than the minimum is recommended to cover future needs. Different types of LED lights are used depending on requirements. LEDs are particularly efficient and can be matched precisely to the needs of the plants, with tropical plants requiring specific light spectra and sometimes high PAR values.

Adequate ventilation is also a critical component in the terrarium. Fresh air and gentle air circulation are beneficial for many plants, especially tropical species. Devices such as the DOOA Mist Flow can be used to increase humidity by generating fine water vapour through ultrasound.

The right temperature is helpful for the well-being and development of the plants in the terrarium. A heating system ensures that the terrarium reaches the optimum temperature for tropical plants of between 22 and 30 °C.

In an aquaterrarium or paludarium, an efficient filter system can be very helpful in providing the inhabitants in the water section with optimum water quality. The size of the filter should be matched to the water content of the terrarium.

A hygrometer, thermometer and thermostat are required to monitor and regulate the humidity and temperature in the terrarium. Some plants require specific humidity levels and a thermostat helps to adjust the terrarium accordingly.

To summarise, the technology in the terrarium is an important component in creating an ideal environment for terrascaping. Lighting, ventilation, heating, filtration and temperature and humidity control systems are of central importance. It is helpful to consider the specific requirements of the plants and adapt the technology accordingly to ensure a healthy, thriving ecosystem.