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Parasites in the aquarium - planarians, hydra & co.

In addition to algae, pests and parasites in an aquarium can become a real nuisance. This includes foremost planarians but also hydra, firefly larvae or leeches. In aquaristics, these little fiends can endanger the animal stock, especial the super tiny offspring of bee shrimp or Neocaridina, but bigger shrimp are not safe either, especially from damselfly- or dragonfly larvae and planarians.

We offer various helpers for parasite control in our webshop's respective section. Here you will find numerous planarian traps in different designs. These traps are filled with bait and help the aquarium owner removing as many planarians from the aquarium as possible. Frozen midge larvae as well as unseasoned, raw meat are suitable for bait.

Of course, we at Aquasabi's want to contribute to the root cause analysis. It is important, especially before the chemicals come out of the bag, to look closely, making sure that the planarians are really planarians. The article "Parasites in the aquarium" from our Aquascaping Wiki contains some good and important guides for the identification of worms and other harmful organisms. In addition to other control methods, you will also learn what precautions you can take to avoid getting these pests into your aquarium at all.