ADA Cube Garden - glass in perfection!

With the Cube Garden series, Aqua Design Amano succeeded in establishing high-quality tanks made of white glass in aquaristics worldwide. A simple, frameless design without struts and a minimalist transparent silicone adhesive ensure a very linear and transparent exterior of the aquarium, which completely does without visually disturbing elements. These aquariums, manufactured in the so-called poll design, are made for operation without fixed cover. Aquatic plants and hardscape elements such as stones and roots can be made to protrude from the water as a design element and thus connect the aquarium with the living space in a clever manner.

The Cube Garden series includes both rectangular aquariums and cube formats. Starting with the small Nano Aquariums Mini S and Mini M, the range extends to very large glass tanks with up to 180 cm front length. By the way: The model designations such as 60-P reveal some information. The number at the beginning of the abbreviation stands for the length of the tank in centimeters, the following letters have different meanings. P stands for a standard size, F for a very flat aquarium and H for a tank with significantly more height.