Little Helper

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Little helpers - Useful tools for the terrarium

Our "Little Helpers" category is packed with useful items to help optimise a terrascape. Whether it's practical adhesives or useful helpers like spray bottles. We have summarised everything here.

In our assortment you will find a wide range of adhesives to create your dream terrascape. We offer silicone adhesives with a high adhesive strength as well as liquid superglues to attach plants to wooden elements. Adhesives that connect hardscape together to create stunning landscapes are also available from us.

Classic ways to attach plants, such as DOOA Terra Tape and Terra Line, can also be found in our range. Likewise, we offer Spray bottles and Ceramic Moss Pads to give you long-lasting enjoyment of your lovingly designed terrascape.

Our "Little Helpers" category is a treasure trove of useful products to help you successfully complete your terrascape project. You will find everything you need for your Terrascape - see for yourself!